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Why Compression Hosiery Products?

For many years, physicians have recommended graduated compression hosiery therapy, utilizing support hosiery as a treatment for any venous insufficiency. At any age, women or men can have leg health problems, many of which are hereditary or induced by long periods of standing or sitting.

Graduated compression hosiery compresses the surface veins, stopping the blood from pooling in the lower extremities. By keeping the vein diameter small and forcing more blood into the deeper vein system, these anti-embolism techniques improve circulation. It has been clinically proven that controlled, graduated compression applied to the lower extremities accelerates the velocity at which the blood is forced to flow through the deeper veins. This blood flow velocity helps to relieve symptoms associated with venous insufficiency.

Should your needs be moderate, firm, or surgical level our compression stockings will give you proper leg therapy and support with a broad range of colors, sizes and styles. Our anti-embolism compression hosiery and socks will help prevent varicose and spider veins, and make your legs feel and look healthier, slimmer, and better.

To help prevent varicose veins it is suggested that pregnant women wear compression stockings during pregnancy.

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Healthy Legs & Feet

Use compression hosiery products for healthy Legs & Feet

Our compression hosiery products can aid you on the path to getting great looking legs. 15-20 mmHg of compression is delivered through the lower leg, strongest at the ankle, reducing upward to aid in circulation. These athletic unisex socks are backed by science! They are proven to help maximize power, reduce fatigue, and speed recovery time.

Surgical Support

Enjoy premeir level surgical support with Compression Stockings from CompressionHosiery.com

Our top of the line compression stocking products are the pinnacle of surgical support. The use of graduated compression allows blood to flow easily through the lower extremities. If you’re preparing or recovering from surgery, or at risk for embolism and varicose veins, these compression socks will keep your circulation moving.

Anti-Embolism Support

Enjoy anti-embolism support from compression stockings from CompressionHosiery.com

Prevent life-threatening blockages with our anti-embolism compression stockings.  Available as either knee highs or thigh highs, our anti-embolism socks are designed to increase the circulation to your lower extremities in order to keep your legs looking and feeling healthier than ever before!

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