For surgical strength support in a unisex style compression stocking, our opaque knee highs are the perfect choice. Available in beige with a variety of size options, these light surgical support stockings provide medically recommended graduated compression. With a non-restricting design to keep you moving and reciprocated heels and toes for durability, these socks provide 18mmHg of compression.

Select an open or closed toe stocking option for the maximum in comfort. Featuring a style that will work with almost any outfit, these knee highs are great for men and women who need the strength of surgical support stockings. Stimulating blood flow to your legs while remaining discreet gives you the comfort and flexibility you need to address your circulatory issues.

Recommended for treating moderate leg swelling, early varicose veins, mild edema, and more, these compression stocking options will help to remedy your venous insufficiency. Get your compression stockings today from

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