Preparing for a new addition causes many changes within the body, and circulatory alterations can lead to varicose veins in pregnant women. Our maternity compression stockings promote blood flow to your legs and lower body, relieving the pressure of increased blood volume during pregnancy.

Our maternity hosiery helps to reduce the symptoms of swelling, aching, and heaviness in the legs of pregnant women. Sheer maternity pantyhose also help to prevent deep vein thrombosis by utilizing the principles of graduated compression.

Our maternity compression hosiery is specifically designed for the health and comfort of expecting mothers. With stretch designs and plush waistbands for easy wear, you’ll love how the compression affects your leg circulation throughout the day without making you feel uncomfortable. A front panel adds abdominal support and reinforced toes and reciprocated heel designs add durability to these maternity pantyhose.

Protect your legs during pregnancy with maternity support stockings from

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