Prevent life-threatening blockages with our anti-embolism compression stockings.

Available as either knee highs or thigh highs, our anti-embolism socks are designed to increase the circulation to your lower extremities. Often used in pre and post-operative medical procedures, these stockings help to protect patients who are anti-ambulatory or bedridden from harmful embolism episodes. Featuring an inspection toe for easy monitoring and a reciprocated heel for maximum durability, these compression stockings also allow the patient to stretch without restriction.

Available in opaque white with a variety of size options, our thigh highs and knee highs can help reduce venous insufficiencies. Healthy circulation goes a long way to preventing deadly blockages forming in the legs and moving to other parts of the body. Our anti-embolism stockings are one of your first lines of defense against these blockages.

Increase your circulation and reduce your risk of embolism with compression knee highs and thigh highs from

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